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Funeral Consumers Alliance

Stanislaus & Merced Counties


Thank you for your interest in the nonprofit Funeral Consumer Alliance of Stanislaus/Merced Counties, serving this area since 1968.


We have made an effort to include information here to aid you in making informed choices about end of life decisions.  Our goal is to educate the public on funeral options and their rights under federal and state laws.  We believe that consumers have the right to pick the services they want and can afford.


We invite you to join the nonprofit, nondenominational FCA of Stanislaus/Merced.  Your membership could save you thousands of dollars in unnecessary expenses, help to ensure our mission of consumer advocacy, and the promotion of transparency in funeral planning.


We want to make FCA the best possible resource it can be.  Please feel free to tell us what brought you to our site?  What specific questions did you hope our site would answer?  What specific questions were you looking for that you didn’t find?  You can contact us at (209) 521-7690, send us an email to or fill out the contact us form below.


Thanks from the volunteers of FCA of Stanislaus/Merced Counties!


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