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Originally founded in 1968 as the Stanislaus Memorial Society, The Funeral Consumer Alliance of Stanislaus/Merced Counties is a 501(c)(4), nonprofit, nonsectarian organization working to protect the consumer’s right to choose a meaningful, dignified and affordable funeral.  We seek to reach this goal through unbiased education, outreach, group presentations, local price surveys, and member benefits.


We are about to submit our request to become a nonprofit organization with a 501(c)(3) tax filing status that will permit us to accept contributions and donations on a tax-deductible basis.  We will inform you as to our progress.


The FCA of Stanislaus/Merced is affiliated with the Funeral Consumer Alliance (, an alliance of nearly 70 local affiliates throughout the United States, dedicated to consumer advocacy and the promotion of transparency in funeral planning.


The FCA of Stanislaus/Merced is not a business; it does not sell insurance or pre-paid burial plans. Nor do we provide contributions for funerals. While it is not our intent to discourage the services of other local providers, our FCA has negotiated discounted prices at a local, long-trusted establishment that is well below what non-members pay. In making this determination, the Board regularly compares the costs of services provided by area mortuaries, based on the General Price List (GPL) which they are required to provide upon

the request, including the costs of basic services for direct cremating and immediate burial.


Click here to view The Stanislaus/Merced Alliance’s most recent survey.


The FCA of Stanislaus/Merced is governed by a volunteer nine-member board of directors who meet four times a year. We are solely supported by membership dues and contributions


The FCA holds an annual fall meeting to elect board members and to present topics of interest to members and the public.


The FCA of Stanislaus/Merced has a current membership of more than 800 residents and former residents. People from all walks of life have joined FCA and for a variety of reasons. Some want to minimize funeral costs, others want to know how to take more control of their funeral arrangements, and still, others want to keep abreast of how the funeral industry is changing in ways that can affect consumers.


Anything else?  


Note that portions of your membership application provide advanced instructions about how you would like your funeral to be conducted. By making these plans now, you may avoid causing family members undue stress of deciding “how you would have liked things done. “ By putting your wishes in writing, your family members will be aware of what arrangements you desire.


If a member’s death occurs outside Stanislaus or Merced Counties, family members are entitled to contact the national Funeral Consumer Alliance at 1-802-865-8300 or click here to find the nearest FCA. The local affiliate will help your family members secure funeral services at prices similar to those offered locally. The FCA of Stanislaus/Merced Counties is committed to providing the same service for a member of another affiliate who dies while in this area, just as if he/she was one of our local members.


Ready to Join?


To join, just click here to download your application.  Simply return the completed application and the one-time, nonrefundable check for $35 for each adult ($10 for children under 18).  Please make the check payable to FCA of Stanislaus/Merced.  Please be advised that until we secure a 501(c)(3) tax filing status we are unable to accept contributions and/or donations on a tax-deductible basis. Memberships will not begin until your application and check have been received and processed.  Your completed application and instruction sheet (“Section 2: Instructions for Funeral Arrangements—Type of Service” will ensure that important decisions will have been made in advance, thereby avoiding having to make difficult decisions at a very emotional and stressful time.  No further fees or assessments are required, although your thoughtful and caring contributions and/or donations to FCA of Stanislaus/Merced Counties are always welcome and appreciated.

Still have questions?  You have options.


  1. Call our local FCA Stanislaus/Merced County office at (209) 521-7690 and leave us a message if you aren't able to answer your call.  One of our volunteers will return your call as soon as possible.  

  2. If you prefer to contact us by email, the bottom section of all of our webpages have a form that you can complete and send to us.  One of our volunteers will reach out to you.

  3. For more information, click here to go to our Resources page or click here to visit the National Funeral Consumer Alliance website.


We look forward to being of service to you and your family.



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