There is a one-time membership fee of $35 per adult ($10 per child under 18). Memberships may be transferred from or to another alliance, usually without charge. Membership does not become effective until a membership has been received and processed by FCASMC. Please keep a copy for your records.


Membership benefits include:


  • Annual Newsletters

  • Membership Card

  • Eligible for special member rates at a local, family-owned mortuary with a reputation for providing excellent service to our members and their families.

  • Discounts on publications from the National Funeral Consumer Alliance.  Call 802-865-8300 for more info. 

  • Transfer to other FCA affiliates should you move.  


Your membership in the FCASMC could save you thousands of dollars on unnecessary funeral costs while helping protect the consumer’s last rights in our area.  Because are a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization, we not able to accept contributions and/or donations on a tax-deductible basis. 

Donate:   We accept donations in any amount you are comfortable with.

Become a Supporting Member:   To become a Supporting Member of the FCA of Stanslaus/Merced Counties, we suggest a minimum donation of $35 per adult or $10 per child.



Thank you for your support!


Supporting Membership Fee and/or Donations by check should be sent to:

                FCA of Stanislaus/Merced Counties
                PO Box 4252

                Modesto, CA  95352


Be sure to make your check payable to "FCA of Stanislaus/Merced" for the appropriate amount, and if you've decided to become a Supporting Member, be sure to click here to get your Supporting Membership application.  Once you've completed your membership application, send it along with your check to our address shown above.  


If you elect to use our cooperating funeral home, we will confirm your membership with the funeral home.


Very Important!  Memberships will not begin until your application and your check have been received and processed.


Do you email?  So do we.

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Contact Info:

FCA of Stanislaus/Merced Counties

P. O. Box 4252

Modesto, CA  95352-4252

​Tel: (209) 521-7690

Your thoughtful and caring donations are never expected, but always appreciated to help us help more people just like you.

Thank You!


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